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Sasha Bogdanowitsch is a composer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, whose work ranges from music for theater, dance and film to interdisciplinary performance and original songs. He is a co-founder of World In One (a non-profit arts organization whose purpose is to sponsor interdisciplinary collaborations), Vital Vox Vocal Festival, Loom Ensemble (interdisciplinary theater ensemble) & SoCorpo (vocal duo).

     Sasha has a Master of Arts from the University of California at Santa Cruz and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the California Institute of the Arts, both where he studied composition and world musics, integrating the two into multi-movement, interdisciplinary performances. These works, such as ‘An Ocean Walks Behind a Lake’, ‘Atom Turning in the Sun of Eternity’, ‘Chakra Mundi’ and ‘Akasha’, have focused on the merging of music with theater, movement, and visuals alongside themes of universal cycles and creation.

     Sasha has worked extensively as composer, performer & producer in many contexts. He is currently active performing solo and with Loom Ensemble, SoCorpo and M6, a vocal sextet. Bogdanowitsch has also worked with the late composer Lou Harrison, Meredith Monk, Artisan Entertainment, the American Festival of Microtonal Music, Hesperus, M6, Rod Poole, puppeteer and theater director Kathy Foley, New Music Works, Just Strings and the gamelans: Son of Lion, Si Aptos, Si Betty, Sari Raras, Pusaka Sunda and UCSC. Awards have included a BMI 1995 Student Composer Award for his ‘Encompassing’ for four tenor voices and a Meet the Composer grant with the American Festival for Microtonal Music. Performance highlights include Carnegie Hall, Whitney, Poisson Rouge, Roulette, Issue Project Room, Symphony Space and the Stone.

     Sasha Bogdanowitsch has studied composition with Lou Harrison, David Evan Jones, Richard Zvonar, Alan Chaplin, Mark McGurty, and Ros Bandt. He has performed and studied classical North Indian music, Central Javanese gamelan, Sundanese tembang and Turkish classical music in their countries of origin and in the United States. For the former, he has studied on voice, bansuri bamboo flute and tabla with Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, Salamat Ali Khan, Pandit Pran Nath, Terry Riley, Amiya Dasgupta, G.S.Sachdev, Iqbal Singh, Kalyan Chowdury, John Sackett, David Philipson and  Jeffery Whittier. For the latter, he has studied with Djoko Walujo, Nyoman Wenten, Undang Sumarna, Lou Harrison, Sumarsam, I.M. Harjito, Burhan Sukarma, Rukruk Rukmana, Tatang Rukmana, Yayah Dachlan and Omer Erdogdular.

     Sasha has taught world music/ ethnomusicology classes at New Jersey City University, University of New Haven and Central CT State University and has completed several television & short film scores, such as ‘The Burkittsville 7’ and ‘Shadow of the Blair Witch’ for Artisan Entertainment and independent film scores for ‘Perfect Free’ by Adam Radolinski & ‘Laundromat Days’ by Simon O’Reilly.