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Sasha Bogdanowitsch is a composer, vocalist & multi-instrumentalist whose work ranges from writing live and recorded music for theater, dance and film to cross-disciplinary performance to songs with unusual accompaniments to music for unique ensembles, such as gamelan & early music groups. Sasha has a MA from the UCSC and a BFA from the CalArts, where he studied composition and world musics, later integrating the two into multi-movement, interdisciplinary performances.  He has composed music for numerous media, such as SoCorpo’s 'On Becoming,' a vocal theater work, TV & film scores, ‘Grimm,’ a multimedia dance theater work; and ‘Hidden Circle,’ an interdisciplinary work for voice, movement & projections. Sasha is currently active composing & performing solo as well as with the cross-disciplinary theatre ensemble, Loom, the M6, a vocal sextet, and SoCorpo, a vocal duo. He has worked with artists and companies, such as: Meredith Monk, Lou Harrison, SaReel Project, Hesperus, Just Strings, Sabrina Lastman, Gamelan Son of Lion, Pusaka Sunda, Microfest & the American Festival of Microtonal Music. Sasha has performed throughout the world in such varied countries as Australia, Japan, India and Indonesia to throughout the USA and to local venues like New York’s Carnegie Hall, Whitney Museum, Symphony Space, BAM, The Tank, Galapagos, Issue Project Room and the Stone. He is co-founder of arts non-profit, World In One and the Vital Vox Vocal Festival.