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OLYMPUS - for Loom Ensemble, Circus Theater, Dixon Place, Apr ’14

SAY I AM YOU - for Loom Ensemble, jamjar, Dubai, UAE, Feb ’14

EROSION: A FABLE - for Loom Ensemble, Feb ’12

INELEMENT- for SoCoropo, Nov ’11

EVERY BODY- for Loom Ensemble,  May ’11

PRESENT, PAST & FUTURE SEES- for voice, original instruments & electronics,  Nov ’10 to Sept ’12

SILK- for world instruments & electronics, May 10

ON BECOMING – Multi-movement work for 2 voices & percussion,with SoCorpo, 07-08.




Behind the Curtain

Unearthing the Channel

How Do I Live? rev from ’92 & ’99.


Returning  rev from ’99.


GREEN MAN SUITE - Multi-movement work for M6 – vocal sextet, Winter 08.


Bind Me

Face in the Leaves

HE WHO SAW EVERYTHING – Multi-movement work for interdisciplinary  music theatre piece for voices, global instrumentation and electronics – Fall 06 to present


The Tyrant


Dualistic Creation



Seduction   with Damon Honeycutt

First Dream  with Damon Honeycutt

First Meeting

Between Times  with Damon Honeycutt

Preapration & Embarking with Damon Honeycutt

Dreams again with Damon Honeycutt

Surging Forward

The Return with Damon Honeycutt

Grappling with the Goddess

Bad Dream   with Damon Honeycutt


Twin Peaks


At the Tavern



Dark River 

Man of Endless Life

Stay Awake

Plant of Endless Life


SURGING FORWARD  - For 14 voices,  Spring 07.

DUAL FORCES - For 4 kavals, percussion and electronics, Spring 07.

SEEING THROUGH – For dan moi jaw harp, percussion and electronics, Spring 07.

VENTURE FORTH – For solo nay, Spring 07.

JUST BE HAPPY – For voice and ngoni, Spring 07.

GRIMM- Multi-movement work for SaReel Project in this dance theater work by choreographers, Otis Cook & Faith Pilger- voice, world and original instruments, with Darryl Gregory, Peter Hadley & Robert Nasta, Sept 05 –  Aug ‘06.


Father & Kids


First Love

Winds of Change

Hunger House

Into the Woods



Kids Lost

Gretel’s Worries

Hansel’s Rage

Witch Pod

Woodsman’s Walk

Candy Witch



Gretel vs Witch

Travel Home

At the Doorstep


WORLDOLOGY – For SaReel Project:: voice, world and original instruments, with Darryl Gregory, Peter Hadley & Robert Nasta, 03 – 06.


Lingua Blue

Sea Speak


To The Young Traveler

The Day Has  Run Out

Perpetual Thought

Pipe Dreams

Drive the Body

Chasing the Serpent’s Tail

Toot Dey

With Beauty May I Walk

LABRINYTH - For SaReel Project – voice, ngoni, metallophone, resonator bells, mandolin & percussion, Summer 05

In What Place    

You Don’t Know Your Own Land 

The Day Has Run Out

MIND’S ISLAND – For voice & guitar with Rod Poole, Fall 05.

Sun Speak

Transparent Iguana

Call to Being

Weaving the Inside Out

Childhood’s End

Vista of Retrospection

Pythagoras in India

The Rainmaker Cometh

Mystery of When

WHERE WOULD I, COME INTO ME, WALK OUTSIDE, OVERLOAD, WAY BACK TO THE SUN  – Songs for voice, world flutes, guitar, harps, bass, percussion & electronics, Sept 03.

SLIPPERY TIN – For SaReel Project : 3 tinwhistles & Percussion, March 03.

BIRDS OF A FEATHER – For SaReel Project: 2 Degung Suling, Dumbek & Cajon, Summer 02.

WORKS FOR SHAKUHACHI & VOICE -  For voice & shakuhachi on the texts of Neruda, Lao Tzu & Rumi, July 01.

MYRIAD WAYS -  For solo voice, July 01.

SAREEL PROJECT  -  For SaReel Project:: voice, world and original instruments, with Darryl Gregory, Justin Picirillo & Peter Hadley, ’00-‘01.

Ya Ka Mey




Common Ground, Different Place

Through Passage

TEA TIME – Short Film Score for director, Jay Bogdanowitsch, Summer 01.

SHADOW OF THE BLAIR WITCH - Television score for  Sci-Fi Channel & Artisan Entertainment, Sept 00.

THE BURKITTSVILLE 7 - Television score for  Showtime & Artisan Entertainment, June 00.

VOICE & WORLD INSTRUMENTS - Solos and duets for voice, harp, swarsangam & flutes, Spring 00.

The Walking Way

Steady Plains


Dance of Icarus

Fully Empowered

Sphere and the Maze

Spiralling Streams

FOUR ENCOUNTERS – Multi-movement work for voice and string quartet, Aug 99.

Knowing Stranger

Needing Helper

Following Fool

Searching Aspirant

WEAVING WAYS THROUGH WALLS – Multi-movement work for vocal sextet, framedrums & shakers. June 99, revised  Dec. 99 for chorus.

HIDDEN CIRCLE - Multi-movement work for voice and multi-instrumental prepared tape with movement & slides, Apr 99.

Dream of the Circle

Hearing the Call

The Sage and the Sea

The Threshold Guardian

The Trickster

The Ogre


Finding Comfort

Uncovering the Circle


DREAM OF THE CIRCLE - For erhu and gamelan, Apr 99.

VOICE & CELLO - Original song cycles on the texts of Neruda, Rumi, & Lao Tzu with Alexander Khalil, Feb 99.

To Harden the Earth

Lichen on the Stone





Stay With Us

Don’t Worry

How Do I Live  revised from ‘92

Dancer Who Does Not Move, revised from ‘93


When All the World

World May Be Known

AN OCEAN WALKS BEHIND A LAKE - Multi-movement work for four tenor voices with movement & slides, Sept 98.

Standing Alone Without Changing

Waves in the Bellows

Roots Unfurling

Way Made Manifest

Standing Still While Changing

With Common Kin

Taking the Soul By the Neck

Emptying the Vessel

Hidden Reservoir

Pattern of Being


THROUGH IN AND ALL - For shakuhachi and voice, Jan 98.

IF THERE BE RIVERS, ALL WILL BLOSSOM - For Pusaka Sunda, Sundanese degung, Nov 97.

PARTY FAVORS FOR LOU - “Frankfurt Favor” with Daniel Wolf & Janice Giteck, “Ex Corpus Pathagoras” with Terry Riley &  Jack Body, and “Three Ring Lou” with Jon Scoville & Phil Collins for the New Music Works Ensemble,  April-May 97.

BEYOND MANZANAR - Original music for the play directed by Kathy Foley, May  97.

ATOM TURNING IN THE SUN OF ETERNITY - For voice & chamber ensemble with movement and slides,  April  97, revised Mar 98

Wings Across This Way

Setting Out

On Present and Future

In the Thick of It

Looking Back Before Going Forward

Peace Yearning

Before Taking Up

Into the Flame

Prelude to the New Way

Amidst It All


LIKE A FLUTE OF REED - For voice & bansuri with Sundanese gamelan, Feb 95, revised Feb 97.

WINGS ACROSS THIS WAY - For the New Music Works Ensemble, Dec 96.

EARTHEN SONG SUITE - For voice with viola da gamba, harps, &  lute, Sept 96

Ancient Tree

Weathered Wood Windings

Waves of Braken

THESE EVER PRESENT WAYS - For cornetto, sackbuts, viola da gamba and percussion, Jun 96.

FIVES WEAVING – Multi-movement work for string quartet, Feb 96, rev ’99.

At the Head of the Evening

Two Touch Midnight

Center Walking

Inner Morning Feathers

TO THIS SPACE GOING ONWARD - For voice with seven harps, Jun 96.

ENCOMPASSING – Multi- movement work for four tenor voices, Feb 95.

One Call

Two Loving

Three Seeds

Four Ways

WINTERSUNG - For voice, suling and Javanese gamelan, Dec 94.

CHAKRA MUNDI - For voice, world instruments and percussion  with  movement and slides, Mar  93.


Heart of Mulungu

Kabul’s Dreamtime

Is the Tao?

Tepeu and Gucumatz’ Formation of Man

Atum’s Clenched Hand

Jainist & Brahmin Have It Out

In Coming Together

TO THE HERO GOING ONWARD – For 8 voices, 2 frame drums, 2 cornamuses & percussion, ’93.

DANCER WHO DOES NOT MOVE – For voice and frame drum. ’92.

HOW DO I LIVE? -  For voice and tambura. ’92.

WHY IS A RAVEN LIKE A WRITING DESK? - Original music for choreographer Debra Bluth’s dance concert, Nov  92.



On Getting Some Balls

CONFERENCE OF THE BIRDS - Original music for the play directed by Christina Morales, with  Jim Owen,  Mar  92.

AKASHA  - Original music for interdisciplinary work with dance & film, with Robert Hoehn,  Nov  91

Dreaming into Existence

Journeys Through This Plane

Crossing Over

Birth of the Phoenix

Merging With All This


FROM THE GREENHOUSE -  Multi-movement work for voice, percussion, conch shell, tamboura, psaltery,  jew’s harp,   & tape with  Ros Bandt,  April  90.





Aerial View

BAMBOO GROW SPIRITS DANCE - For original quena, shakuhachi, panpipes & bamboo suit with movement, April  90.