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-MA  in Music - Composition from the Univ of California at Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA, Fall 95 - Sp 97

-BFA in Music - Composition/World Music from California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA, Fall 90 - Sp 93

-Theatrical and liberal arts studies at Rollins College, Winter Park, FL, Fall  88 - Winter 90

-Compositional studies with composer, Lou Harrison, Aptos, CA, Jan. 94 - May 97

-Compositional studies with composer / sound sculptor, Ros Bandt, Melbourne, Australia, Jan 90 - Aug 90

-Instrumental studies on Medieval  harp with Ellen Tepper, North Indian bansuri  & tabla with Amiya Dasgupta, Kalyan Chowdury & Iqbal Singh, Javanese gamelan  with Djoko Walujo, Sundanese suling with Burhan Surkarma, Turkish ney  with Stephan Gallet & Fred Stubbs, African kamelngoni with  Heather Maxwell & French hurdy gurdy with R.T. Taylor

-Western voice with Jacqueline Bobak, Randall Wong, Martha Elliott & Toby Twining

-Classical North Indian voice and bansuri with Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, Salamat Ali Khan, Pandit Pran Nath,

Terry Riley, Amiya Dasgupta, Kalyan Chowdury, Daniel Philipson and John Sackett

-Central Javanese gamelan, bawa and Sundanese tembang with Djoko Walujo, Bapak Pus, Burhan Sukarma, and Yayah Dachlan

-Turkish classical ney with Omer Erdogdular, 2013-14.


-Olympus - for Loom Ensemble, Circus Theater, Dixon Place, Apr ’14

-Say I Am You - for Loom Ensemble, jamjar, Dubai, UAE, Feb ’14

-Erosion: A Fable- for Loom Ensemble, La Mama Theater, Feb ’12

-Every Body- for Loom Ensemble, NYC Parks, May ’11

-On Becoming- Music Theatre work  with Sabrina Lastman, La Mama, Tank,Teatro Yati, NYC, July ‘08 -2011

-Green Man- for M6, Vital Vox 2009, Iati Theatre, NYC & Flea Theater, ’09-’10

-He Who Saw Everything-Work-in-Progress excerpts,  New York Theater Workshop, NYC, Sept 07

-Moondance & Woodsman’s Walk, “Family Matters,” Dance Theater Workshop, NYC, Sept 06

-Grimm – Multimedia dance theater for SaReel Project & Otis Cook & Faith Pilger, Duke Theater, NYC, Central CT State University, New Britain, CT and Fairfield University, Fairfield, CT, Feb-August 06

-Hidden Circle, An Ocean Walks Behind a Lake, Wintersung and To This Space Going Onwards - Performed by the composer at Here Performance Space: American Living Room, NYC, August 00, Wesleyan University, Arts Series, Middletown, CT,  Apr  00, Galapagos Art & Performance Space, Brooklyn , NY, Feb 00 and  Bucknell University, Gallery Series, Lewisburg, PA, Oct 99

-Atom Turning in the Sun of Eternity - For voice & chamber ensemble with movement and slides,

April  97, revised Mar 98. Performed by the composer and his ensemble at the American Festival of Microtonal Music, New York City, May 98, Microfest, Los Angeles, CA, Apr 98, selected pieces from the above piece performed by the composer and Just Strings at Microfest,  Los  Angeles, CA, Mar 97, and at the UCSC Recital Hall, UCSC, Santa Cruz, CA, Apr 97


-Inelement- for SoCoropo, Vital Vox 2011, Roulette, Brooklyn, NY, Nov ’11

-Present, Past & Future Sees- for voice, original instruments & electronics, Stone, NYC & PAM, Baruch University, NYC, Issue Project Room, Brooklyn, NY, Nov ’10 to Sept ’12

-Silk- for world instruments & electronics, AFMM, NYC, May 10

-Grimm Excerpts  & Selected Works for SaReel Project, Bucknell University, Lewiston, PA, Sept 06.

-Selected Works from ”Worldology” & “SaReel Project” for SaReel Project using voice, world & original instruments, International Festival of Arts & Ideas, New Haven, CT,  Artsburst, Birmingham, AL, Barking Legs Theater, Chattanooga, TN, the Space, Hartford Public Library, Fairfield Univerisity, Universityof New Haven, the Buttonwood Tree, Sacred Heart University and Southern & Central  CT State University in CT, as well as Satalla, Looking Glass Theater, Cathedral Festival, and Cooler in the Shade, NYC, Sept 01- Sept 06.

-Works for Shakuhachi & Voice -  For voice & shakuhachi on the texts of Neruda, Lao Tzu & Rumi, Tokyo, Japan, July 01

-Improvisations performed solo and with  Ros Bandt at “2 Weekends of Sound & Music Improvisation,” Theatre of the Ordinary, Melbourne, Australia, Aug 98

-Beyond Manzanar - Original music for the play directed by Kathy
Foley, May  97

Performed by the composer and Undang Sumarna at the Barn Theater, UCSC, Santa Cruz, CA and at the Palo Alto Buddhist Temple, Palo Alto, CA, May 97, Tule Lake Pilgrimage, Tule Lake, CA, July 96, McPherson Center for Art & History, Santa Cruz, CA, June 96 and the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, CA, May 96

-Encompassing - For four tenor voices, Feb 95.  (Winner of 1995 BMI  Composition Award)

Performed by the composer at the Le Petit Trianon, San Jose, CA, Feb. 97 and at the Kuumbwa Jazz Center, Santa Cruz, CA, Jan  96

-Chakra Mundi - For voice, multi-ethnic instruments and percussion  with  movement and slides, Mar  93

Performed by the composer and his ensemble at the California Institute for the Arts, Valencia, CA, Mar  93

-Akasha - Original music for interdisciplinary collaboration with dance & film, Nov  91

Performed by the composer and Bob Hoehn at the California Institute for the Arts, Valencia, CA, Nov  91

-From the Greenhouse -  For voice, percussion, conch shell, tamboura, psaltery, and jaw harp written with

Ros Bandt,  April  90. Performed by the composer and Ros Bandt at the Concourse Art Gallery, Perth, Australia, April  90

-Bamboo Grow Spirits Dance - For quena, shakuhachi, panpipes & bamboo suit with movement,

Performed by the composer at the Concourse Art Gallery, Perth, Australia, April  90


-Golem, Live music for the silent 1920 film with Hesperus, Georgetown University, Washington DC, Apr & Oct 08

-M6, Music of Meredith Monk, Symphony Space, Whitney, Stone, NYC & Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, NY, Trinity College, Hartford, CT, Mar 08 to present

-Meredith Monk, Young Artists Concert, Carnegie Hall, NYC, Jan 06

-Perotin, Machuat & Anon with Ockham’s Razor, Wesleyan Univerisity, Dec 05

-Stockhausen, Stimmung with Ockham’s Razor, Wesleyan Univ & Central CT State University, May 05 & Mar 06

-Jody Oberfelder, ‘Re: Sound,’ with Gamelan Son of Lion, Joyce Soho, New York City, Feb 99

-Douglas Dunn, ‘Cocca Mocca,’ with Gamelan Son of Lion, Danspace, New York City, May 98

-Hildegard of Bingen,  vocal soloist & choir with Santa Cruz Baroque Festival, Santa Cruz, CA, May 96

-Mark Morris, ‘World Power,’ with Gamelan Si Betty, Zellerbach Hall, Berkeley, CA, Oct 95

-Lou Harrison, ‘La Koro Sutro,’ with Sacred & Profane, Cowell Theater, San Francisco, CA,  June 95


-Meet the Composer,  American Festival of Microtonal Music, New York City, May 98

-BMI 1995 Student Composer Award, New York City, Jun 95


“Music of the World’s People” at New Jersey City University, 2012 to present, “Introduction to World Music” at University of New Haven , CT &

“Music of the World’s People” and “Ethnomusicology” at Central CT State University , Fall 2000- Spring 2006


‘Shadow of the Blair Witch’ – Television score for  Sci-Fi Channel &

Artisan Ent., Sept 00

‘The Burkittsville 7’ – Television score for  Showtime & Artisan Ent., June 00

‘Perfect Free’ – Independent film score by Adam Radolinski, 2014

‘Swap’ – Independent film score by Adam Radolinski, 2013

‘Laundromat  Days’ – Independent Film score by Simon O’Reilly, Fall 05

‘Tea Time’ – Short Independent Film score by Jay Bogdanowitsch, Fall 01


“Erosion: a Fable” Loom, EWO 004, 2013

“Sonic Miniatures” Sasha Bogdanowitsch, EWO 003, 2013

“Inelement” SoCorpo, EWO 002, 2013

“On Becoming” performed by SoCorop, EWO 001, 2009

“Erosion: a Fable” Loom, EWO 004, 2013

“Worldology”  performed by SaReel Project, EHMW4, 2006

“Mind’s Island” performed by Rod Poole & Sasha Bogdanowitsch, JG 01, 2005

“SaReel Project Live” DVD performed by SaReel Project, World in One, 2004

“SaReel Project”  performed by SaReel Project, EHMW2, 2001

“If There Be Rivers...” performed by Pusaka Sunda, “Samagaha,” Sakti Records, Sakti 35, 1999

“From the Greenhouse” with Ros Bandt, “Footsteps,” Move Records, MD 3135, 1993


Vital Vox Vocal Festival, from 2009 to present at Roulette, Brooklyn, NY, Nov 2011 & 13. Issue Project Room, Brooklyn, NY, Nov ’10 & Teatro Iati, NYC, May ’09